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Adventure Sports

Rann Utsav Adventure Activity - ATV Ride


Mount these mean machines and you’re bound to get an adrenaline rush.

Rann Utsav Adventure Activity -Para-Motoring


Take to the skies, to re-experience the Tent City like never before.

Rann Utsav Adventure Activity - Trikke

Trikke Ride

A three wheeled scooter-like street machine that combines fitness with an enjoyable ride.

Rann Utsav Adventure Activity - Paintball


Gear Up! It’s war time! Go one-to-one on the battle field with audacity.

Rann Utsav Adventure Activity - Net-Cricket

Net Cricket

Play like a pro as you practice your batting with net cricket.


Rann Utsav Adventure Activity - 8 Ball Pool


Enjoy pool with friends and family at Rann Utsav. Scoring a pocket won’t give you as much pleasure as it will here.

Rann Utsav Adventure Activity - Chess Master


Revive the grandmaster in you! Put your best strategy to work at the leisure club at Rann Utsav.

Rann Utsav Adventure Activity - Trampoline


Recreate your happiness with a freestyle bounce and capture an ecstatic experience with trampoline.

Rann Utsav Adventure Activity - Camel Cart

Camel Cart

Step on the cart, start your trip with ship of the desert and reach the destination filling your hearts with gusto.

Rann Utsav Adventure Activity - Carrom


Strike with utmost precision as you capture the queen on board.

Rann Utsav Adventure Activity - Stargazing

Star Gazing

Enjoy amateur astronomy, watching the attractive star studded sky from the equally attractive Tent City.


Rann Utsav Tour Amenities - Activity Area

Club House

Revel in the games you’ve enjoyed for so long at Rann Utsav’s club house. Even indoor games can be very very exciting.

Rann Utsav Tour Amenities - Rejuvenation Area

Rejuvenation Centre

Want to rejuvenate at an exotic location during your vacation? Rann Utsav will make your dream a reality.

Rann Utsav Tour Amenities - Conference Hall

Conference & Meditation Hall

Rann Utsav provides an ultra modern conference facility along with being an exotic location.

Rann Utsav Tour Amenities - Art Gallery

Art Gallery

Discover art that leaves you in total awe of the beauty around you.

Rann Utsav Tour Amenities - Golf Cart

Golf Cart

The Tent City has arrangments for you to be transferred from one cluster to the other through golf carts. It’s a fun way to explore the tent city

Fun At Rann

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