Rann utsav

RANN UTSAVBanaao apni Rann Ki Kahaaniya

A revelry of rustic charms, a celebration of nature, Rann Utsav is where the panoramic views embrace infinite horizons.

Where the crystals of salt hide honey-strewn tales of the skies. The adventurer in you stumbles upon your inner child. The canvas of tents showcases masterpieces of warm hospitality. Where the rural landscapes transform into a whole new urban city called Rann Utsav Tent City.

Rann Utsav is where the barren lands narrate beautiful stories, Rann Ki Kahaaniya.

Rann ki kahaaniya

EXPERIENCEWhere tourists become travellers

There are tourists and there are travelers. Tourists ‘see’, while travelers ‘explore’. ‘Tourists share ‘testimonials’, while travelers tell ‘stories’.

Stories of exploring new terrains, creating new memories with loved ones, indulging in the simple pleasures of life, marveling at the rustic charms, indulging in the local cuisines and street food, unveiling the secrets of dark night skies, gazing into the infinities of barren white desert, discovering one’s voice amid the whoosh of the wind, stories of warm memories through a narrative called Rann Ki Kahaaniya.

Rann Utsav is about experiencing not just nature, but moments.

White Desert Of Kutch

EXPLOREWhere aspirations find expression

A walk by the sea as serene as a private beach. A family dinner against the backdrop of the sun cooling its heels in the sea. Moments of musing over the glorious past of palaces that whisper untold stories. A kabaddi by the shore. A music session within the palatial confines. A quiet moment atop a hill that overlooks the nation’s international border.

Dancing like no one’s watching in the middle of a White Desert with the local musicians as your ‘live DJs’ to ensure those feet keep tapping. Discover the simple joys of life here amid the rural charms of Kutch villages, replete with mud houses, mud paintings and unique pottery.

Rann Utsav is about exploring not just places, but yourself.

Rann utsav Festival 2021