5 Reasons Why Stargazing Should be on Your Must to do List


Remember, how Katrina Kaif and Hrithik Roshan in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara had a deep talk about life while Stargazing?

You can have that great conversation too, just pack your bags to a stargazing location.

But if Katrina is not enough to convince you (who are you? Katrina is amaze), then read on why, Stargazing should be next on our list:

1. Stargazing makes you realizes how awesome universe is

Life is complicated, and we tend to focus on the complication. But once in a while, looking at this beautiful creation of God can make us go awwwwweee. Millions of stars shining their best, is a scene that you will never forget. Give nature a chance to impress. It never fails.

2. Stargazing makes you realize how small our problems are


When you look at stars and their sheer number, you will realize that you are just a tiny speck in this universe. AND THAT’S OKAY. Because that means, your problems are even a smaller speck. This revelation will make your perspective on life better.

3. Its’s Free!


It is said, there are no free lunches. But stargazing is free. Rann Utsav, (one of the best places to experience) offers free star gazing to its guests.

4. Practical Knowledge


We all had to learn planets and their spellings. But this time, you can actually see them and see, if what you were taught in school is correct or not?

Apart from planets, different constellations are open to viewing and your luck.

5. Chance to Reconnect


Whether you are doing stargazing alone or with a friend/partner, it’s a great moment to reconnect with them or yourselves. With the darkness of night, total silence and no phones and millions of stars as company, meaningful conversations are inevitable (Remember Katrina and Hrithik). Make your movie and be the star in it.

Dark Moon Nights are the best days to experience Stargazing. The ‘Dark Moon’ is when there is no Moon in the night sky, we call it Amavasya, and during this period we get a better experience of Star Gazing.

Following are the dates of Amavasya in the coming months.

  • 6-7-8th November 2018
  • 6-7-8th December 2018
  • 4-5-6th January 2019
  • 3-4-5th February 2019

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