A Letter From The White Desert

Rann Utsav White Rann

Dear Traveller,

You seek to explore places, places people call a paradise. You wish to discover new cultures, cultures people call captivating. You love to relish a world of new flavours, flavours people call delicacies. For all this you travel far and wide, to distant lands with unique beauty like the amazing Northern Lights, the mesmerising Great Barrier Reef, or the mighty Niagara Falls. In your quest for phenomenal places, here I am, more closer to home than you can imagine.

If you have heard of Gujarat, you have heard of me. Ignored and feared for centuries as a desert, today, I am celebrated for my beauty. While many witness glorious views of a sunrise, on my turf I reveal the beauty of a moonrise. The land you step on is no ordinary land, you’ll find the earth here is covered with a shimmering diamond studded blanket that glows in the moonlit night. In ancient times I used to be a part of the ocean, but then a geographical shift cut off all my link to the sea. What is left behind is a salt-encrusted expanse that enthralls you on a full-moon night.

Away from the city lights, I am your escape into the serene solitudes of starry nights. Leave behind the crazy chaos of a busy street, and the monotonous routine of everyday life. Discover peace that amazes you with breathtaking views. Stare into the horizon, as you try to locate where the sky and earth meet, but I can assure you it won’t be that easy a feat.

I have heard a beautiful quote on the purpose of life by one of my admirers. He quoted a woman called Eleanor Roosevelt who said “The purpose of life is to live it, to taste it, to experience it to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience”. What a thought! Life is when you experience the new, when you reach out for new horizons. So dear traveller, when you thirst for a once in a lifetime experience, though I am known as a desert I will quench that thirst.

One of the world’s largest white deserts, I am one in a million, and I am waiting for you. And I know that you might be busy, but if you love travel, then I am sure you will fall for me at first sight.

I’ll be looking forward to meeting you on a clear full-moon night.

Yours Lovingly,

The White Desert