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Vijay Vilas Palace

Built in 1929 by Maharao Vijay Singhii, the palace is an eclectic blend of architectural styles, offering a panoramic view of the sea and is a favourite destination of Hindi filmmakers.

Vijay vilas Palace

Kutch Museum

The oldest museum in Guiarat founded in 1877 by Maharao Khengarii which has the largest collection of Kshatrapa inscriptions, dating to the 1st century AD and ancient Kutchi currency.

Temporarily closed due to Covid-19.

Shri Shyam Krishna Memorial

A memorial dedicated to Shri Shyamji Krishna Varma from London, who built India House, a hideout for Indian freedom fighters, which has been recreated at Mandvi.

Temporarily closed due to Covid-19.


Swaminarayan Temple

Expanding a 35,000 sq. feet area, this intricately designed Swaminarayan Temple has 7 arching pinnacles with one central dome, 25 minor domes and 258 pillars.

swami temple at kutch

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