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Cultural activities to enthrall you

The cultural activities at Rann Utsav have been one of the key highlights of Rann Utsav Tent City, where we showcase not only local artistes on the stage, but also invite unique dancers, performers, including the Siddi community who perform tribal dance to leave the audience in raptures.

Bhujodi Village

Located 12 km from Bhui, this traditional crafts village nestles a close-knit community of artisans. Apart from the village of artisans, the Vande Mataram Museum has replicas of Red Fort and Indian Parliament and also stages an engaging laser show.


Gandhi Nu Gaam

A traditional village in Ludiya, Kutch, where every family is well-versed with local crafts and handicrafts. The village was almost destroyed in the 2001 earthquake. The village was reconstructed in the ‘Bhunga House’ style inspired by the local craftsman that survived the earthquake.

Gandhi nu gam

Nirona Village

Located around 40 km north of Bhuj, Nirona village is haven of unique local art forms, especially Rogan Art, a 300-year-old legacy of the Khatri family, whose art found its pride of place at The White House, USA, apart from earning the accolade of Padmashri from the Indian government.

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