Giving Y’all People Reasons You Won’t Want To Miss Rann Utsav – 2017


Rann Utsav has never failed to impress people from all over the world with their image known for the best cultural activities, events and kickass tent city creation which goes on 4 months long. No doubt, they have the most competitive lineups and host sensational production, but this year, it’s much bigger and better. Yeah, It’s that time of the year again for white rann and cultural lovers to satiate their voracious appetite for being close to nature. Running errands on the white desert on full moon nights, live the bustle and colour of ancient artwork and shopping the most ethnic, handmade and traditional items made by the locals of Kutch. You get to breathe fresh air, stay in luxury tents and enjoy a celebration of music, dance, art and other free events. Rann Utsav is here to give their absolute best to the people.

Rann Utsav, a tent city in itself, is probably India’s most flamboyant festival.

Since the white rann lovers cannot wait for Rann Utsav anymore, here are a few (still enough) reasons for you guys to start packing your bags ASAP!

The Food!

Music & cultural activities

Luxury Tents

The White Rann

Full Moon

Sports & Adventure