How Gujarat is Evolving its Tourism?


Historical Overview

Gujarat has a 4500 year long history – a rich history that gave the state of Gujarat impressive architecture, UNESCO world heritage sites, ancient places of worship which are important even today and more so on important religious days.
In Pic : Ahmedabad is India’s First World Heritage City . Pic Source : Internet

Emperors and kings, sailors, dynasties, descendants, and European & British rulers contributed vastly to Gujarat’s history and its historical architecture. These places are more than just places of worship or castles, these places are a window into the history that gives us a peek into the lives of royalty and common men and how it all led to shaping the state of Gujarat to what it is today.

Evolution of tourism

The tourism sector in Gujarat is slowly moving towards a more organized approach as the Govt. Of Gujarat realizes the potential of tourism and what it can bring to the state in terms of its development. Strategically located on the west coast of India, Gujarat is well connected to some of the major cities of the world by air and sea.
In Pic : Gujarat’s connectivity . Pic Source : Internet

This rich culture, vibrancy, diversity, and connectivity of Gujarat has helped grow the tourism sector, multi-fold in the last few decades. Various government initiatives – tourism- centric approach strategies, promotions such as Digital India, and marking campaigns like ‘Khusboo Gujarat Ki’ have further stimulated the tourists’ interest, contributing to ever-increasing tourist flow into the State.

In Pic : Gujarat Tourism’s Campaign “Khushboo Gujarat Ki” with Amitabh Bachchan was a grand succees. Pic Source : Internet


  • Gujarat’s Tourism is on constant rise.
  • Gujarat’s tourist inflow grew from 38.3 million in FY16 to 44.8 million in FY17.
  • Tourist inflow from other Indian states grew 22%.

Gujarat has been one of the main centers of the Harappan Civilization, which contains about 50 Indus Valley sites, including some ancient metropolitan cities such as Lothal, Dholavira, and Gola Dhoro. The state is a land of traditions, which showcases the art, culture and lifestyles, where arts reflects medium of expression and communication and craft unveils the unique blend of traditions. The various fairs and cultural events with delicacies and a variety of cuisines add a memorable flavor to the visits.
The state is exploring its geological potential such as Rann of Kutch – a unique, vast landmass encrusted with salt. The Rann Utsav is already popular; from a humble beginning in 2005 when it was started as a three-day event and is now a three-month long affair, attracting around 190,000 tourists in 2014-15.


  • Ran Utsav has improved local economy and has helped the standard of living in the Kutch region.
  • It is estimated that approximately 2463 persons found variety of job opportunities at during Rann Utsav.
  • Total of 246,910 man days
  • It has provided a platform to locals for preserving the local art, craft and social.
  • values as the same have become now the value added services/products.

The vibrant state of Gujarat, referred to as ‘Jewel of Western India’, is bestowed with great geographical diversity, with a rich and varied animal and bird life that makes up for exciting Wildlife Tourism, while ancient Buddhist, Jain, Hindu, Christian, Parsi and Muslim monuments along with stately mansions and their incredible architectural styles and the grandeur sets the stage for Pilgrimage and Heritage Tourism respectively. Forest and tribal areas, rich in medicinal and herbal plants, have been conceptualized to offer Welfare Tourism offering Ayurvedic treatments like Panchkarma along with yoga and meditation centers. national-park
In Pic : Amitabh Bachchan, promoting Gir National Park, where one can see pure asiastic lions. Source : Internet

In Picture: Amitabh bachchan, setting the stage for Somanth’s Grandeur to increase pilgrimage tourism.

Just like the state of Gujarat, Kutch Rann Utsav is a perfect amalgamation of one man’s idea, its execution and celebration of nature’s illuminating occurrence – white desert – that has captivated every tourist’s heart and soul. It is this perfect amalgamation that has made it a success it is today. Natural beauty, local artisans and their magnificent creations, kutchhi delicacies, folk music and performances come together to showcase the rich culture. Rann Utsav in Gujarat, organized by tourism authorities of Govt. Of Gujarat, creates a unique opportunity for people from around the world to visit and experience the largest tent city in all its glory, popularly known as Rann Utsav.
Rann Utsav will begin on 1st November 2018 and will run up to 20th February 2019. Head to our official website to book your tent or to know more about Rann of Kutch festival.
[Source: Tourism in Gujarat for Sustainable Development, and Inclusive Growth – A Roadmap to achieve sustainable Development Goals by Industries and Mines Department, Govt. Of Gujarat]