How’s the Josh?… High, Sir!

The balance strategy and josh depicted by Major Vihaan Shergill (played by Vicky Kaushal) in the movie, inspired me a lot. I got a chance to put it at practice at a paintball war on our Rann Utsav trip.

What happens when adventure is combined with family? A lifetime of fun-filled memories.

Adventure runs in our family blood. Luckily, Rann Utsav offers a host of activities which lets you spend time with your family while experiencing the thrill of adventures. Trying the paintball wargame was the first thing on our mind, ever since we landed at The White Rann. Paintball is one activity that can tingle every nerve in your body and give you a dose of thrill to be remembered forever. It sates your hunger for adventure.

We divided ourselves into 3 teams and put on our safety suits and team vests. The referee of the game explained us the rules of the game and safety measures that needed to be obeyed to keep us safe. Then he handed us our paintball guns and the battle was on.

The battle was fierce. The sounds of gun and the colourful ammo hitting us set the adrenaline pumping. While the other teams were attacking us with paintball shots, we decided to play defensive first and attack later when the others were low on their energy levels.

After intense rounds of firing for 20 minutes, our team was declared the winner as we had least shot marks on our body. The game taught us a simple lesson – strategies can win us any battles.

What a great way to spend time with family over a game of paintball and make the memories last a lifetime!

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