Let The Thrill Begin!


For those who are seekers of thrill, for those yearn to feel the adrenaline rush, for those who crave adventure, Rann Utsav is your destination. As an example of Gujarat’s cultural vibrancy, Kutch is famous for its 3-month desert festival that showcases the infinite beauty of The White Rann. Apart from its Kutchi art and culture, the towering peak of Kala Dungar, heritage architecture, Rann Utasv offers some of the best opportunities to indulge in an array of adventure sport activities.

Rann Utsav along with Paramotoring and ATV ride, adds another avenue of adventure activity i.e. Skyzilla so you reach the peak of thrill. Skyzilla is a 60 ft. adventure tower that provides you with a variety different activities. Here is how you can go beyond limits.

Rock Climbing – Crawl outta adventure

Rock climbing, one of the most exciting and challenging sport, gives you a feeling of triumph like no other sport. It’s a combination of both physical and mental strength to conquer dizzying heights. A sport that is suitable for everyone, give it a try to feel on top of the world.

Rappeling Wall – Slip away!

Rappeling Wall is often mistaken to be easy as compared to other sports, but the reality is quite different. Steep slopes, the pull of gravity, and hanging by ropes, climbing down a steep slope means you have to maintain a delicate balance. But if an adventure sport doesn’t give you the rush and the excitement than what it’s worth for?

Giant Swing – Left, Right, Left

Giant Swing will make you scream out loud as your feet dangle several feet from the ground. In your childhood, a swing must have been your favourite, but this beast will change your mind. Imagine swinging in the air, several feet above the ground. Gives you goosebumps, doesn’t it? Try it out yourself when you visit Rann Utsav.

Zipline Tower – Fly high birdie

Zipline adventure is gaining popularity across all age groups. Rann Utsav with its remarkable beauty offers some of the best views for the one who love to fly. The thrill to jump and then fly at a very high speed is an exciting experience to enjoy. You may not need wings to fly, but with the Zipline tower you will fly like an eagle.

This Rann Utsav, as you discover nature, also explore the different types of adventure.