Rann Ki Kahaaniya – Rann Utsav


“I’ve been working in the food & hotel industry from the last 10 years, but the last two years, working here at Rann Utsav has added an enriching flavour to my experience! It’s a challenge for everyone to put up a fully functional tent city in the remote areas of Kutch and live up to the food expectations of the tourists. To bring a truck load of raw materials, process it in a make-shift kitchen and live up to taste buds of our visitors, making them feel as if they’re in a 5-star hotel is a challenge in itself.

And that is what is different about working here. Rann Utsav is not just any other festival for us; we treat it like our own baby. This is Rajesh Kumar – Food & Beverage Manager at Rann Utsav – The Tent City. He’s the one to be given credits for the huge spread of food items served to you!”

Rajesh Kumar


“5 years back, I came here as a Housekeeping Manager and nowhere did I think that today I’d be the Admin & Operations Manager! This journey has been unique, beautiful and highly challenging because of the vastness of the just the property.

I remember during this journey, there was this one particular incident which is still a fresh memory in my mind. I graduated in hotel management from a reputed college in U.P. Recently, I was at my own college for the selection of trainees for Rann Utsav. The respect with which I was treated was when I realized that I have really achieved something in life.

I am thankful to everyone who have been a part of my journey. Especially the guests whose satisfaction and smiles are the reason why we never compromise on our services! This is Amit Gupta – Manager – Admin & Operations at Rann Utsav – The Tent City.”

Amit Gupta


“Hi I am Vinay, I work in New York. I’m here with my old gang of friends. We were colleagues, but after I left my old job, I had lost touch with all of them.

6 years later, we finally got a golden chance to meet – credits to a friend’s wedding here in India. We were all here – together – after 6 years and we decided to visit Rann Utsav together to just chill and recreate the beautiful old memories! After 6 years, nothing has changed! What has changed is that the group has gotten a little bigger, but the lively spirit of my gang hasn’t changed a bit!”



“I’m Amit Thakkar, a filmmaking student from Mumbai. I am here because Kutch is my hometown and I had heard about the festival, so I had to pay it a visit. The white desert was of course the best part of the trip, it is something you wouldn’t see anywhere else in the country and only a couple of other places in the world. I did a lot of photography here and got some amazing pictures. The haze, the warm sun, the cold salty soil all came together to give amazing frames and compositions.”



“We were group of 10 ladies – an ‘All Girls Trip’ with my best of friends! Visiting Rann Utsav was the decisions we took. Our ‘me time’ away from the hustle of the cities to the beauty of the White Desert was the totally worth it. When we were going toward the White Rann on our Camel Cart, people looked at us and said, “All beautiful princesses on the ride!” This was such an overwhelming moment for all of us.

We made some beautiful memories everywhere from the start to end of this trip – be it tasting the finger-licking food at the Tent City or sitting on the white salt desert on a full moon night.

This trip is going to be close to our hearts forever!”



“I am Archana Rai from Sikkim. It is my first time travelling to Gujarat. I have specially come here to experience Rann Utsav. Me and my mother Dilmaya Rai always travel together. We usually travel to South India, but this time we thought of exploring the West India. It is a totally different experience – from the hospitality in the Tent City, to being a spectator of the mesmerizing sunset at the White Desert, everything was absolutely worth it!

From all places that I have visited, Rann Utsav is at the next level. For women who travel alone, safety is of utmost priority. This is one of the safest places to travel to – me and my mom have always felt safe. Our culture is totally different from what we saw here, but one thing that is common everywhere in India is we never hesitate in giving our guests the warmest welcome and ensure that they’re comfortable.”