Rann of kutch

Where cultures blend in diversity

Kutch, also written as ‘Kachchh’ finds its roots in a fable that its map, if turned upside down, resembles ‘kachchh’, the Sanskrit word for tortoise. The villages of Kutch, despite being amid arid lands and harsh climate, have always remained fertile with diverse culture and artistry.

The Indo-Pak border lends Kutch a demography that is an eclectic mix of refugees from across the border, tribes from different regions, and religions, which reflects in its homes, food, art, social traditions and landmarks that include Jain temples, mosques, Swaminarayan Temple, museums, to name a few.

The history of Kutch is studded with legacy of artistry passed on through ages and its villages are living examples of its resilience to brave the fatal 2001 earthquake. The geographical location makes Kutch a unique destination where you can find beach, mountains and White Desert. Come and explore Kutch, the land of infinite horizons that narrate stories.

Rann of Kutch

Kutchi Craft

Each village at Kutch has its unique craft that has been mastered over centuries by the people of this land of sheer artistry. The variety of crafts range from weaving, patchwork, block printing, bandhani, tie-and-dye, Rogan-art and other ethnic styles of embroidery, to pottery, wood-carving, metal-crafts and shell-work.

Kutchi Food

Punctuated with a distinct flavor, the Kutchi staple diet comprises Khichdi (a rice preparation cooked With pulses), Kadi (a lightly-flavoured, yellow curry made with yogurt), Rotla (a nutritious Indian flat bread made from black millet flour) and Green Chili pickle, served with creamy and chilled chaas (butter milk). Extensive use of fresh ingredients, minimal oil and unique local flavours of Kutchi cuisine appeal the taste buds, minus the guilt pangs of a fitness freak.

Rann of Kutch

Kutch Facts

Rann utsav - The Tent City


Rann of Kutch is one of the largest salt deserts

Kaladungar kutch rann


Is the highest point in Kutch

kharai camel rann


A unique breed that can swim

Kutch on Camera

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