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Rann Utsav has been a magnet for not only the people who love the White Desert but also who seek the thrill of adventure activities. Surrounded by its scenic beauty, Rann Utsav activities will keep you fascinated from morning to midnight.

Adventure Sports

Rann Utsav Adventure Activity - ATV Ride


Mount these mean machines and you’re bound to get an adrenaline rush.

Rann Utsav Adventure Activity -Para-Motoring


Take to the skies, to re-experience the Tent City like never before.

Rann Utsav Adventure Activity - Trikke

Trikke Ride

A three wheeled scooter-like street machine that combines fitness with an enjoyable ride.

Rann Utsav Adventure Activity - Paintball


Gear Up! It’s war time! Go one-to-one on the battle field with audacity.

Skyzilla Rapelling


Skyzilla Rockclimbing

Rock Climbing


Rann Utsav Adventure Activity - 8 Ball Pool


Enjoy pool with friends and family at Rann Utsav. Scoring a pocket won’t give you as much pleasure as it will here.

Rann Utsav Adventure Activity - Chess Master


Revive the grandmaster in you! Put your best strategy to work at the leisure club at Rann Utsav.

Rann Utsav Adventure Activity - Trampoline


Recreate your happiness with a freestyle bounce and capture an ecstatic experience with trampoline.

Rann Utsav Adventure Activity - Camel Cart

Camel Cart

Step on the cart, start your trip with ship of the desert and reach the destination filling your hearts with gusto.

Rann Utsav Adventure Activity - Carrom


Strike with utmost precision as you capture the queen on board.

Rann Utsav Adventure Activity - Stargazing

Star Gazing

Enjoy amateur astronomy, watching the attractive star studded sky from the equally attractive Tent City.

Table Tennis at Rann Utsav

Table Tennis




Rann Utsav Tour Amenities - Activity Area

Club House

Revel in the games you’ve enjoyed for so long at Rann Utsav’s club house. Even indoor games can be very very exciting.

Rann Utsav Tour Amenities - Rejuvenation Area

Rejuvenation Centre

Want to rejuvenate at an exotic location during your vacation? Rann Utsav will make your dream a reality.

Rann Utsav Tour Amenities - Conference Hall

Conference & Meditation Hall

Rann Utsav provides an ultra modern conference facility along with being an exotic location.

Rann Utsav Tour Amenities - Art Gallery

Art Gallery

Discover art that leaves you in total awe of the beauty around you.

Rann Utsav Tour Amenities - Golf Cart

Golf Cart

The Tent City has arrangments for you to be transferred from one cluster to the other through golf carts. It’s a fun way to explore the tent city

Fun At Rann

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