‘Rustic Shopping’ Spree

From college goers to the homemakers, from thrifty spenders to the shopaholics, there is one thing common in all of us …we ladies, love to shop!

You cannot make a trip to the Rann of Kutch and not visit the Haat- the handicrafts market that has offers you everything, right from magnets to Ajrakh print diaries, local textiles, handmade bags, infinite souvenirs- under the colourful umbrellas under the sky!

I was completely mesmerized by the profusion of exuberant colours and fascinating forms of handicrafts this market has to offer. They are in fact in complete contrast to the barrenness of the white desert.

Here are few must haves to pick from this shoppers’ paradise.

1. Embroidered shawls and stoles
Kutch Embroidery is famous around the world and has considerably gained popularity over the years. A beautiful embroidered Kutch shawl or a stole is definitely a MUST HAVE. These can be paired with the salwar suits, sarees or even western outfits.

2. Ethnic Jewellery
Kutch has its own distinctive style of jewellery. With all those colourful beads, use of mirrors, embossed brass and chic metal ware – these jewellery make an interesting pick. Snake earrings adorned by the tribal women of the region are an absolute must have.

3. Embroidered bags
Like they say, handbags are like friends, you can never have too many. A statement embroidered ethnic bag from Kutch can completely redefine your look. So when in Rann, don’t forget to buy the handbag!

4. Home Décor
While shopping at the Haat, one can easily be distracted by the home/decor accessories, available at every nook and corner. The colourful torans are the most popular pick. These are also believed to bring positive vibes to the home.

5. Ajrak Print stationery
Last but not the least is the Ajrak print notebooks and diaries. Clad in the hues and designs inspired by nature, these diaries are available in varied prints and priced very low. These can also serve as an excellent souvenir and gifting option.

Here’s a little shopping tip: Don’t buy from the first stall you see, take a stroll across the market and then buy- you will be able to strike a good deal!

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