Sands, sunsets and supper at Mandvi Beach

The Mandvi Beach trip will always remain memorable one for me! It’s one of the finest beaches on Gujarat’s coastline – A perfect destination for family getaways. We walked by the seashore, had a scrumptious lunch together, lounged around for a while and soaked into the magnificence of a beautiful coastline as the sun cooled its heels in the sea.

The beach we visited belonged to the royal family. Maharao’s private beach, which is located behind Vijay Vilas Palace, and is 8 kms from the town. Comparatively, it’s more secluded than other beaches, replete with white sand, lovely places to swim and accommodation available in air-conditioned tents along the shore.

The silky sand of Mandvi Beach seemed like a carpet laid specially for us to walk over the salty waters of Arabian Sea. There’s also an option of exploring the windmills located in its vicinity. Apart from being a beach destination, Mandvi Beach is also popular for its camping and water
sports facilities.

Take a long walk along the shore as you witness the sun setting over the horizon, or just sit by the shore alone, listening to the tunes of the wind. What’s more, you can even play Kabaddi with your family members, as an ice-breaker with your in-laws.

Being in Kutch and not riding a camel is a crime! So don’t forget to enjoy the camel ride at Mandvi Beach, where you can take a round of the entire property riding the ‘Ship of the desert’ with gentle breeze of the sea to accompany you all the way. Go, explore!

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