Seeking for thrill – Sky is the limit while paramotoring

Sky is the limit while paramotoring

Being an adventure Paramotoring was one activity that featured on my things to do at Rann list. My dream of flying like a bird in the vast blue skiescameclosest to reality with this activity.

Here are few tips that I learned which are necessary to keep in mind before trying this thrilling sport.

Fly with a Trained Pilot

If you are new to this sport, always fly with a trained and experienced pilot to taste the thrill and fun. Tandem paragliding is the easiest and safest option for you.Just sit with a trained pilot and enjoy the fun.

Cruise with Confidence

It is very important to stay easy and relaxed while cruising in air. Nervousness can spoil the fun of flying. It’s a life time experience, so capture everlasting memory of your Joy Ride.

Opt for Safe Equipment

Just like any other sport, Paragliding has its own risks involved. Make sure you opt for a safe and advanced equipment. The equipment should be procured from reputed manufacturers taking into consideration various certifications and technical compliances.

When it comes to exploring the beautiful landscape of the White Kutchh while experiencing…, Paragliding is one of the best options. Soar above the vibrant skies of The Rann, absorb in its colours, flavours and sounds as you witness the bewitching art and culture of Kutch.

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