The Moon in its Full Glory at Rann

There are places to see and admire; and there are places that leave you awestruck. Watching the White Rann on a full moon night was one such moment that has left an indelible imprint on my mind.

I was in love with the White Rann ever since we reached there, but watching the pristine pure white salt desert glow in the moonlight, was all together a different experience. The sight was more beautiful than what the matinee idol Amitabh Bachchan describes in the television commercial.

After watching the magical mood lights of the Rann at the sunset, it was time for the moonrise. As the moon shone brightly late in the evening, the gleaming moon rays and the glistening white land fused in together creating an ethereal environment.We stood there, staring and enjoying the infinite beauty of the White Rann.

The beauty of the moon has always attracted me. But watching its indisputable beauty that night made me very poetic. The soulful Sufi melody played by a group of local musicians in the background did the trick. I have always been a musician, but I found the poet in me, right there at that moment.

“Chaand ke pairon ke nishaan
Liye phirti hain yahaan ki zameen
Taare bhi tootkar girte yahin
Mere kadmo tale milenge kahin…”

The ‘irshaads’ and the ‘waah-waahs’ continued all night long…

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