The Splendour of the Sun- Enchanting sunsets and sunrise at Rann

The profound and breathtaking sight of the sun emerging from the horizon in the quiet stillness of the early morning at Rann is simply hard to put into words. I am not a morning person but witnessing this miraculous sight was worth getting up early for.

Watching sunrise at Rann was truly a Zen-like experience: the golden light from the morning sun shimmering on the surface of the salt lands, birds chirping their sweet melodies in the background and the soft morning breeze gushing through your hair. You’ll slip into your very own morning meditation mood.

It’s so quiet here before dawn, that you’ll feel the need to hold your breath as to not disturb the silence. Then slowly the darkness fades away as the first trace of light begins to streak across the sky. The best thing about sunrises and sunsets at Rann is that there is nothing between you and the sun- no tall structures and no massive rocks or mountains. The clear view allowed us to capture some beautiful poses with the sun.

If there’s anything that could beat the beauty of this wonderful sight, it has to be the Mesmerising Sunsets at Rann! We were lucky enough to watch the sunsets both from the salt lands and from atop the Kala Dungar- two different backdrop for these sun-filled golden occasions.

There is something magical about watching the sun dip into the horizon, especially at a place where the sky and earth become indistinguishable. It’s my favourite time of day, and for me it doesn’t get much better than to sit and just enjoy how the skies change in mesmerising colours.

As the heat of the day cools down, a dewy magical glow is casted over the White salt land, the colours change from golden to orange and then to deep red. Sunsets at The White Rann are definitely one of the best sunsets anywhere in the world.

It’s hard to pick whether the captivating views of the morning sun were better or the spectacular shades of the setting sun…I thought to myself, as I watched the sun fade away into the incomprehensible vastness.

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