Dhordo – The UNWTO’s Best Tourism Village of 2023

Welcome to Dhordo, a quaint village that embodies the rich cultural tapestry of Kutch, Gujarat. Recently crowned as the Best Tourism Village of 2023 by the UNWTO, Dhordo has metamorphosed from the last border village to a bustling hub of tradition, art, and eco-friendly living. Nestled amidst the ethereal landscapes of the Rann of Kutch, Dhordo is the gateway to an unexplored haven awaiting your footsteps.


The Amazing Dhordo

the Crown Jewel of Kutch

Dhordo’s journey from a tranquil border village to the esteemed title of the Best Tourism Village is nothing short of inspiring. Its strategic location near the mesmerising Rann of Kutch has always made it a significant spot on the map, but now, it’s the heart that pumps vibrancy into the veins of Kutch’s cultural and tourist landscape. With its sprawling Dhordo Tent City, it offers a unique blend of rustic charm and modern amenities, making it a must-visit destination during the Kutch Rann Utsav, a grand celebration of local crafts, cuisine, and culture.

dhordo crownjewel

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Dhordo’s Enriching Lifestyle and Living Practices

The lifestyle of Dhordo’s residents is a testimony to the age-old traditions and sustainable living practices that have been passed down through generations. Central to this lifestyle is the ‘Bhunga’, a round-shaped mud hut that is eco-friendly and earthquake resistant, reflecting the ingenious architectural wisdom of the region. The everyday attire of the villagers, spun from local materials, mirrors the vibrant ethos of Dhordo. Their living practices are rooted in coexistence with nature, a value that has propelled Dhordo into the limelight for sustainability, bagging accolades including the prestigious recognition by the UNWTO.

Traditional Attire: A Colourful Expression

Dhordo, being a canvas of myriad colours, showcases its vibrant cultural ethos through the traditional attire worn by its people. The villagers adorn themselves in colourful fabrics that are a visual treat to the eyes, making the village a lively spectacle against the stark white canvas of the Rann. The traditional attire, often handcrafted with intricate designs, reflects the skilled craftsmanship and the rich heritage of the Dhordo village of Kutch. Each piece of clothing tells a story of the village’s past, its people’s love for their land, and their indomitable spirit.


Culinary Delights of Dhordo

The culinary scene in Dhordo is a gastronomic journey through the rich tapestry of Kutchi flavours. Local delicacies are a wholesome affair, mirroring the simplicity yet richness of Dhordo’s culture. The food here is an unexplored treasure trove of flavours waiting to be discovered by food enthusiasts. The sustainable food practices adhered to by the villagers contribute to the local economy and promote a healthy lifestyle. The Kutch Rann Utsav is a perfect time to indulge in the local cuisine, with various food stalls offering a plethora of traditional dishes that are as warm and welcoming as the people of Dhordo.

culinary scene in Dhordo

Art, Craft, and Handloom: The Threads of Heritage

Art kutch

The hands of Dhordo’s artisans weave not just fabrics but the very essence of their tradition, making the village a hub for art, craft, handloom, and handicrafts. The unique handicrafts, the handwoven fabrics, and the exquisite artwork reflect the heart and soul of Dhordo’s vibrant community. The Kutch Festival is a time when the entire village transforms into a live museum of sorts, showcasing the incredible talent and the centuries-old traditions that have been preserved and nurtured over generations.

Sustainable Growth: Economy and Environment

The ethos of sustainability runs deep within the veins of Dhordo. The village exemplifies how living in harmony with nature not only preserves the environment but also propels economic growth. The sustainable practices adopted by the villagers in their daily lives, from constructing eco-friendly Bhunga homes to engaging in organic farming, have set a precedent for other regions. The recognition as the Best Tourism Village by UNWTO is a testament to Dhordo’s commitment to eco-conscious living and its contribution towards promoting sustainable tourism. The influx of tourists, especially during the Rann Utsav, has significantly contributed to the economic upliftment of Dhordo, turning it into a model village for sustainable tourism.

Tourism Boon: Rann Utsav - The Tent City

The crowning glory of Dhordo’s tourist attractions is the annual Rann Utsav, a celebration that encapsulates the spirit of Kutch in a grand spectacle of culture, art, and tradition. This festival is a window into the heart of Kutch, offering a glimpse into the vibrant lifestyle and cultural richness of Dhordo. Tourists flock to the Dhordo Tent City to revel in the festivities and to soak in the breathtaking beauty of the white desert under the moonlight. The festival schedule is packed with a variety of activities, traditional folk dances, music performances, and workshops that showcase the local handicrafts, making it a highly anticipated event in the Rann of Kutch festival calendar. The Rann Utsav not only amplifies Dhordo’s charm but significantly boosts the local economy, making a lasting impact on the village’s tourism sector.

Exploring More: Tourist Growth and Attractions

The allure of Dhordo extends beyond the Rann Utsav. With the village being a focal point of the Kutch Festival, it has witnessed a substantial increase in tourist footfall over the years. The distinctive Bhungas, the serene white desert, and the myriad of cultural experiences offer a treasure trove of explorations for the curious traveller. The Rann of Kutch packages often include guided tours to local artisan villages, bird-watching excursions, and camel safaris, providing a holistic experience of what Dhordo and its surrounding regions have to offer. The growing tourist interest has encouraged the village to enhance its hospitality and infrastructural facilities, ensuring that every visitor takes back a piece of Dhordo’s enchanting charm.

Book Your Journey to Dhordo

Your adventure into the heart of Kutch awaits! There’s no better time to explore the rustic beauty and cultural richness of Dhordo. Book a Rann Utsav package to secure your place in the grand celebration of life in the white desert. With the UNWTO recognizing Dhordo as the Best Tourism Village of 2023, the village is on every traveller’s radar. By booking your journey through the official website, you’re not just securing a travel itinerary; you’re embarking on a voyage into a living tradition that celebrates the harmony between man and nature. Dhordo welcomes you with open arms to experience its hospitality, explore its traditions, and to make memories that will last a lifetime.

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