Rann Utsav-The Tent City is more than just a festival; it’s a vibrant embodiment of Gujarat’s rich cultural heritage that promises a kaleidoscope of experiences, illuminating the heart and soul of the Kutch.Guests are treated to lively performances by local artists who, clad in traditional attire, dance with unmatched passion and precision, reflecting the deep-rooted traditions of Gujarat. Complementing these dances are the diverse melodies of the region, from soulful music to the energetic beats of the dhol, each performance echoes the story of a glorious past.


Here's Some Entertainment Activities

Rann Utsav-The Tent City is an immersive experience that invites every visitor to journey through Gujarat’s vibrant cultural heritage, ensuring every guest leaves with cherished memories and a deeper appreciation for our rich culture.



Traditional Garba dance pays homage to the divine. The beats of the dhol and the lyrical melodies accompanying the dance make the experience transcendental. For many, joining the Garba is not just about dance; it's a spiritual journey, a celebration of life and communal unity.


The traditional Puppet Show is a performance art that has been part of the cultural fabric of India for centuries, and in Gujarat, it takes on its unique form and flavour.


For those who love modern rhythms, the DJ Party is a highlight. The pulsating beats ensure that no foot remains still, and every visitor finds their groove amidst the vastness of the Kutch desert.

Dates Extended!

This is to inform you that Rann has been extended till 27th March 2024. There’s still a chance to book your Rann Ke Rang experience for 2024!

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