At Rann Utsav-The Tent City we understand the innate human desire for balance. After a day filled with exploration and festivities, it is very obvious to seek relaxation and a moment of calm. Therefore, we have a rejuvenating experience for you at our Spa, which is designed to offer a peaceful retreat. Every element at the Spa, from the soft ambient music to the gentle fragrance wafting in the air, is curated to envelop visitors in an atmosphere of tranquillity.


As soon as you step into the Spa, you are immediately transported to a world where the stress and strains of the outside seem to melt away. Expert therapists, trained in age-old traditions and techniques, guide you through personalised treatments. Each session is crafted to revitalise not just your body, but also the mind and soul.

At Rann Utsav-The Tent City, we promise you a holistic experience. On one side where we offer you thrill, exploration, and excitement, we also ensure to offer you a serene space to reflect and refresh, so that you leave Rann Utsav-The Tent City with your spirits lifted and energies renewed.

Dates Extended!

This is to inform you that Rann has been extended till 27th March 2024. There’s still a chance to book your Rann Ke Rang experience for 2024!

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