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Discover the simple joys of life here amid the seaside, palaces reminiscent of glorious past, mountains that offer you a glimpse of the neighbouring nation, rural charms of Kutch villages, replete with mud houses, mud paintings and unique pottery.

White Desert

A geographical marvel that continues to leave its beholders awestruck, Kutch is surrounded by the Gulf of Kachchh, Great Rann and Little Rann, which remain dry with white mud and white salt during summer and transform into islands during monsoon, owing to its proximity to the sea and rivers.


Kala Dungar

25 kms north of Khavda, the top of Kala Dungar i.e. the Black Hills is the highest point in Kutch, at 462 m, where you feel like you are at the edge of the earth.

Dates Extended!

This is to inform you that Rann has been extended till 27th March 2024. There’s still a chance to book your Rann Ke Rang experience for 2024!

Dholavira Day Tour

Here lies a valuable history of more than 1800 years old with one of the best planned civilisations of that era. A UNESCO site, the Harappan City was made of stone unlike other brick cities. Many artefacts, like ornaments, vessels and Mesopotamian objects were excavated from this site.

Kadiya Dhro

It is a synonym of vibrancy and newness, colourful and simple yet fulfilling. The gushing waters over the decades have created a mesmerising natural rock art. It is a scenic delight with the beauty of a barren yet intriguing desert. Enjoy the streams and the amazing picture-worthy spots at Kadiya Dhro.

Mandvi Beach

One of the finest beaches on Gujarat’s coastline, – this beach is perfect for a family getaway. Enjoy fresh coconuts, swim in very pleasant waters, and behold a magnificent view of the coastline as the sun cools its heels in the sea.


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