Yep Spa is an award winning, cosmopolitan spa brand amalgamating a traditional yet modern lifestyle with beauty and wellness experiences for our discerning guests and wellness connoisseurs.

Yep Spa is an endeavour to create the perfect spa experience with exquisite fragrances, soothing music, soft lighting, tastefully done spa suites and relaxation areas to provide our guests with a relaxing ambience. The moment you enter our sanctuary you will feel a wave of calm wash over you, as you are welcomed and guided towards your journey of rejuvenation by our expert aesthetician.

Every service at the spa has been tailor designed to encourage wellbeing and positive lifestyle, restore calm and rejuvenate your body mind and soul. Choose from an array of Ayurvedic, European & Oriental influenced therapies to restore the vital energy of the body or select one of our carefully designed beauty therapies that impart nourishment and radiance. Whatever your preference is, our each Spa experience promises an intimate journey of self-discovery and extreme rejuvenation.