Shades of Rann

Shades of Rann

The White Rann of Kutch is a master in disguises, changing its appearance all through the days and seasons. I used to wonder how a single place can transform into so many destinations during different times of the day and seasons.

Bask in the bloom of morning sun

Shades of Rann

In the mornings, the Rann dons a white coat and greets the fresh sunrays. By noon, the Rann reflects on your eyes, as if asking you to leave it alone for a noon siesta.

Behold the canvas called evening sky

The skies of White Rann steal shades from the evening sun’s platter, spilling the hues of purple and often blending them with orange all their way across the horizons.

Stare into infinities of the dark night

shades of rann

On moonless nights, the Rann wears the black quilt of darkness, which makes it the darkest place of India, attracting many a visitor to stargaze and experience the night in its darkest glory.

Watch the full moon in its silver glory

Shades of Rann

On full moon nights, the Rann opens up its silver treasure trove that can only be reveled with the open mind of an explorer and wide eyes of a curious kid. Experience the moon, right here on the earth.

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