Free-Wheeling around the Rann

When I was a kid, my mother always used to complain about my inability to ride a bicycle. She always used to say that if you didn’t learn to ride a bicycle in your childhood days, your chance is gone. At the age of 50, I proved her wrong and mastered the art of riding a bicycle at the Rann Utsav trip.

Everyone loves the good old childhood days. Life was so simple back then, no worries, no stress, just days full of fun and activities. Our Rann Utsav trip brought back the childhood memories to us. They have a host of fun activities which makes you relive your fond childhood memories.

My husband, Sunil thought it would be a fun way to explore the tent city on bicycles. The idea filled me with dread; however I was willing to give it a try. After hours and hours of practise, trying and failing, crashes and landing, I found my glory. Cycle touring around the tent city was really incredible; I would love to do it again sometime.

For all those adults who want to learn cycling, always remember it’s never too late to learn a skill. Just keep few tips in mind

  • Wear your safety gear, a helmet is a must.
  • Select a right bikethe bike should be of right size
  • Look for a comfortable saddle bike
  • Look straight while riding
  • Get used to the braking
  • Do not be afraid of falling

Go Riding!

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