Let the excitement reach new heights

Have you ever experienced gliding and sliding in the air at 70km/h 60ft above one of the most amazing views you’ve ever seen?

If your adrenaline rises at very thought of this, zip lining is one activity you must try at Rann Utsav.

Being an adventure enthusiast, Skyzilla always on the top of my bucket list for the Rann trip. After relaxing for a day in our luxurious tents and enjoying the amazing cultural shows in the evening, we decided to go for some action the next morning.

After our breakfast we headed straight to the Skyzilla- the Adventure Tower where one can partake in a range of adventure activities like Zip-lining, rock climbing, sky fall, pendulum swing and wall rappelling. I was a little scared before jumping off the board, but whizzing through the air and getting a midair view of the enigmatic Rann of Kutch, was simply worth the try.

For those who prefer to add a dose of adrenaline to their holidays and enjoy Skyzilla, here are few safety tips to follow

1. Dress Comfortably
Your gym outfits or workout apparels are the best options for zip-lining during the winter. Opt for lighter clothes – cotton shorts and breezy tees if you’re planning your adventure for the hot summer months. Avoid wearing flowy skirts and dresses as they can be a safety hazard. Comfortable shoes or sneakers are highly recommended.

2. Follow the Instructions
Don’t worry if you don’t have any prior adventure sports experience. The trainers at Rann Utsav will guide and explain how everything works. Be sure to listen carefully as your guide goes over instructions.

3. Double-check the Harness
Although the trained staff at Rann Utsav will fit you safely into a full-body harness, but it is always better to do some self-check and be assured when it comes to your safety.

4. Capture the Moment
Do not carry a camera, especially during zip-lining. You’ll need both hands to do the zip lining activity. However, you can check with the staff to capture these moments for you.

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